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The Power Factor Controller is modern control device of innovative design with a variety of functions. It is a designed for a measuring voltage of 30….550V (L-N) or (L-L) and an auxillary supply voltage of 110 to 550VAC. It features a user interface with a menu-driven display in plain text for maximum ease of operation. Straightforward symbols and alphanumeric displays combine maximum ease of handling with convenient presentation of results. Display of various grid parameters,storage of various values and a test run option make it easy to analyse errors and monitor the system.



4/6/8 switching output, 6/8/12 switching outputs. Programmable individual banks kvar value. Complete menu-guided operation and display. Illuminated graphic display with 2× 16 characters. Four-quadrant operation. Display of various line parameters (V, I, F, Q, P, S…).

Monitoring of the individual capacitor power values. Storage of maximum line-parameter and switching-operation as well as of the turn-on times of individual capacitor contactors manual and automatic operation. Programming of fixed stages and the option of skipping individual outputs. Error detection for various states and interference-message output. Test run of PFC system with error analysis.

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