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• Gruppo Energia Italy Make • 1.8 times of rated current • 300 times of the inrush current



1. Available with copper or aluminium winding 2. Vacuum-impregnated for low noise operation and corrosion-protection 3. Special low-loss Iron core (With CRGO core material) of high-class transformer sheets for minimized heat losses



1. Available up to 100 kVAr single Switch Module. 2. Natural Cool Heat Sink to save power consumption up to 50 kVAr. 3. Unique Anti Resonance Feature for 50 / 75 / 100 kVAr module for Systems Protection & Safe Operation.



1. Totally micro-processor controlled digital signal Processing logic for measurements 2. All measurements with 1.0 class accuracy 3. Measurement & KVAr compensation are frequency 4. Voltage & load current measurement 5. Mode of Switching: Un-equal(User Defined) 6. Auxiliary input with user defined functionality 7. Standard 144×144 cabinet for panel door flush mounting.


Passive Harmonic Filter

• Available in 0.5KW to 250 KW • PHF is a series broad band, automatic On-Off harmonic filter • PHF is a hybrid topology I.e. it is connected in line with the non-linear load (VFD, UPS, and Rectifier)


Active Harmonic Filter

1. Modular design 2. Cabinet installation 3. 2-50th harmonics 4. LCD Display 5. 3 phase 4 wire or 3 phase 3 wire 6. Hi-tech power quality solution